One team. Big ideas. Real results.

Going to work is never a chore for me because I took the leap and turned my passion into a career. I believe all of us have strengths and talents. I  am a strong believer in the value of quality and standards, and in leading by example. That’s how I work and what I live by.

Anemona Barbu


When you ask me what’s my passion, the answer is: the stories. There is a good story in every special project I propose to our partners.

Rebeca Sotir


And after spending over a decade working for a number of large studios and television stations, I decided it was time to explore a new path– the creative advertising and storytelling media. I love being involved in projects throughout their entire lifecycl and to make sure projects are completed on time and within budget.


Video Production Manager

My day to day working life starts on Instagram and ends with optimizing webpages in search engines. I love being on top of the latest marketing currents as well as setting new trends that go viral.


Marketing Specialist

I enjoy working closely with clients and vendors to design and manage various types of meetings and events. My background in international business and hotel management has provided me with strong customer service, budget management and organizational skills. I am passionate about the event industry and always strive to provide each of our clients with a customized and unique experience.


Event Planning Specialist