Services included:

  •   360  brand activation:  planning and Integration
  • Initial Concept & Development
  • Budget Creation & Management
  •   Event Coordination 
  • Accommodation and transportation arrangements for management team
  • Props, Custom Decor and Production
  • Entertainment
  • Graphic Design
  • Promotional materials:  branded tent, roll-up banner, pop-up spider 
  • Photo booth
  • Photo & Video Production

On June 1, Dalin was present at 1unifest, the biggest festival for children and parents.

During the day we organized fun games where the children created beautiful memories. 

Dalin, the mascot was the star of the day, all the children took pictures with her. Creating a brand mascot increases identification and allows customers to connect with it. Everyone was excited to be around Dalin. 

Another organized activity was the “Find the lucky ball” game, in which many children participated. To avoid UV rays, we also had relaxation tents and a picnic area. Dalin brand lovers participated in all the organized activities and were rewarded with great prizes.