Services included:

  • 360 degrees implementation of the campaign
  • Concept & mechanism creation
  • Regulation drafting and authentication
  • Photo shooting with the winning products
  • Online promotion of the campaign
  • Prizes acquisition
  • Winners validation and prizes expedition
  • Follow-up campaign video
  • Visual materials creation


What differentiates us from the rest of the market is that we are very volatile and we move quite quickly on the client’s wishes, regardless of time, idea or budget, we are very creative and efficient.

While digital marketing and brand marketing are important, in-store marketing is crucial when it comes to sales and market share. Most well-known consumer goods brands from all over the world have great in-store marketing strategies.

In-store marketing helps promote products and offer a great customer experience to the shoppers. This type of marketing focuses on engaging with customers to provide a personalized experience during the shopping session