Creating and launching a clothing brand can be quite daunting but if it is done right, the potential of success, profits and satisfaction is tremendous.

The main question that we answered when we implemented this project was:

“What will make this clothing line valuable?”

And, in order to achieve this goal, our contribution was:


  • We found the right name for the brand, which would create the impact it needed, which matches the owners core values, the brand values and the worldview of the potential customers
  • We created the brand identity – the right logo for this brand
  • Professional photoshoot & creative concept for the first collection – Loud eaters
  • High quality photos of your products and garments, in line with the concept, because this single point can make or break the brand value. Unprofessional and low-resolution photos of the garments will not create the right kind of impact and your sales will suffer.
  • Social Media Setup & Strategies: Because As a clothing and fashion company, social media is your best friend.
  • Promotion & Marketing
  • Unique ideas for offline marketing locally, as participating in local events and creating a pop-up store with direct sales.