Services included:

  • 360 degrees implementation of the campaign
  • Set Up creation (branded elements)
  • Concept & mechanism creation
  • Regulation drafting and authentication
  • Prizes acquisition
  • Winners validation and prizes expedition
  • Follow-up campaign video
  • Visual materials creation

A brand activation with super prizes.

Held at the base of the Kalinderu slope, our activation aimed to involve skiers in a super treasure hunt competition.

We started with the idea of ​​giving a colour shade to the slope. Thus, our mission to the skiers was to find 5 hidden flags on the route, if they show as a proof that they  found the flags through a selfie with each flag separately, they would receive from us a can of Pringles, but also the option to participate in our raffle with prizes. A real treat.

It was not very easy, but everyone who came to the Kalinderu slope while we were there, gladly accepted the challenge given by us, and the fun was in full swing, especially for the little ones.

As it was not easy for the participants to find the flags, it was not easy for us to keep all the logistics intact. Thus, due to the unfavourable, mountain weather, every day we had to assemble and disassemble the whole setup, it was not easy, but it was the best solution to prevent  any type of danger, but the effort we consoled every day through fun and good cheer, laughter and the funniest stories with the participants, the cold was not a problem either.