Services included:

  • 360 degrees implementation of the campaign
  • Concept 
  • Creative P.R Boxes
  • Influencers booking
  • Follow-up campaign video
  • Visual materials creation


When Pringles decided to change their logo for the first time in 20 years, we had to make sure that it will be a succesfully rebranding campaign. Thus, the campaign objective was the announcement through the influencers framework of the Pringles rebranding. 


Using a well thought mechanism, we made creative P.R boxes which contained 5 funny challenges, for the top 5 Pringles flavors through the influencers were able to discover the new look. We chose to focus on micro and macro influencers with close connection to audience and high audience engagement in order to receive the results that we expected. 




  • For the original flavor, the challenge was to solve a puzzle that will illustrates, at the end, the new Original box.
  • For the cream and onion flavor, the influencers had to match the shapes of a power bank which, in the end, illustrated the new box of cream and onion.
  • For the Sweet Paprika flavor, the influencers were challenged to turn the T-shirt around the other side.
  • For Hot&Spicy flavor, we have customized a heat-sensitive cup, which in contact with high temperature, showed the new can of Pringles.
  • For the Cheesy Cheese flavor we produced a chocolate pattern, and once the outside was broken, they discovered a visual with the new can.