Services included:

  • 360 Event planning and integration
  • Initial concept & development
  • Budget Creation & Management
  • Event Coordination & On-Site Management
  • Venue Selection & Management
  • Marketing- event promotional materials
  • Premium hostess & costume/uniform
  • Guest Management
  • Floral, Props, Custom Decor and Production
  • Promotional materials: roll-up banner, flags, pop-up spider,
  • Staging & Set Design
  • Lighting Design & Implementation
  • Invitations & Printed Materials
  • Sound & Audio Visual
  • Security & Staffing
  • Welcome Bags
  • Photo booth
  • Photo & Video production

The first STORY23 concept event in collaboration with PowerBrunch inspired by a New York Pop Up party.

We are glad to have had such beautiful people with us. People who showed us appreciation through presence, but also people who were in other ways with us.

Pop-ups are exciting events with impressive venues.

There’s a lot of work behind each one because the very notion of a pop-up means they can’t be formulaic. While planning is an absolute must, you must also allow each pop-up you host to be flavored by the concept and the crowd’s needs, each as unique as its host/venue and the experience that occurs within its confines. You need to make it appear serendipitous yet plan as seriously as you would a traditional meeting.

Pop-Ups Are More Marketing than Other Events

There’s a marketing component to all events, but few events are so uniquely positioned to cultivate word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most effective types around. Planning a pop-up takes more of a marketing strategy than other events because of the buzz it creates.