Services included:

  • 360 Event planning and integration
  • Initial concept & development
  • Budget Creation & Management
  • Event Coordination & On-Site Management
  • Venue Selection & Management
  • Catering & Mixology
  • Entertainment & Talent Booking
  • Props, Custom Decor and Production
  • Staging & Set Design
  • Lighting Design & Implementation
  • Invitations & Printed Materials
  • Sound & Audio Visual
  • Security & Staffing
  • 360 Photo booth
  • Video production

The job of a celebrity event manager can best be described as event management on steroids. It’s everything event organizers are used to, but much bigger and much more expensive.

When Ema turned 29 in 2020, she decided to go big with an EMA UTA-themed party bash!; but it wasn’t just about the party, it was fragments of Ema’s unique personality.


Her entire guest list included stars like Dorian Popa, Babs, Daniela Crudu, Raluka, George Cozma and Valentin Luca who worked his magic at the bar(among many others)


As with a regular event manager, a celebrity event manager has to:

  • Communicate with a wide range of people
  • Handle marketing and publicity
  • Organise logistics
  • Negotiate with venues and vendors
  • Obtain barter collaborations
  • Manage security and risk assessment
  • Make sure everything is done with the strictest confidentiality


So on the face of it, the “celebrity” qualifier doesn’t seem to add much to the job description…or does it?