Services included:

  • Brand book
  • Creative concept of the event
  • Initial Concept & Development
  • Budget Creation & Management
  • Production of posm displays
  • 360 event planning and Integration
  • Catering & Mixology
  • Entertainment & Talent Booking
  • Event Coordination
  • Sound & Audio Visual
  • Props, Custom Decor and Production
  • Photo booth
  • Photo & Video Production
  • Goody bags


In order to enter the cosmetics / makeup industry, you must have a certain sense of responsibility to show real beauty and feminine power. Sarad Sarrad was in need of building a strong brand based on the promise of natural beauty inspired by ancient times. Thus, we took care of the Sarah Sarrad Cosmetics brand, from the concept to the complete brand book that told the story of the founder and the elements that made up the brand. The launch event took place in Dubai to capture oriental beauty in a middle eastern market. The sands, the sun and the Egyptian queens represented the beginning of a new make-up brand.