Services included:

  • 360 degrees implementation of the campaign
  • Concept & mechanism creation
  • Regulation drafting and authentication
  • Short SMS no. validation sistem
  • Prizes acquisition
  • Winners validation and prizes expedition
  • Design website
  • Follow-up campaign video
  • Visual materials creation

During 1 October-15 December 2022 we organise with Wella Romania, the national campaign named “Fii prețioasă cu orice ocazie”. Through this creative concept we want to encourage women to have confidence in their own beauty with Wella products.

Also, a brand ambassador is seen as the emblem of a brand and for this reason, with the launch of the campaign, Ilinca Vandici became the Wella brand ambassador. The choice of Ilinca Vandici was made according to the conduct and ethics of the brand, supporting a coherent relationship between brand and its image. The image collaboration is an important step in expanding Wella’s visibility both on Social Media and in the offline space and it’s essential in increasing awareness among the target audience.

The strategic objectives of the contest campaign are to increase the visibility of the brand in the media space in Romania, to create a community that shares the vision and values ​​of the Wella brand and, last but not least, to transform the Wella brand into a love mark.

Therefore, STORY23 agency aims to implement the concept of brand marketing to improve the image of brands in the public space and to maximize brand promotion through coherent, current and representative strategies for the client.