Virtual events: the show must go on(line)!

Do you want to keep in touch with colleagues and clients from the comfort of your home? With the help of the digital technology and us, H2H interactions will continue during home office, as well. We know how important it is to create unique experiences and spice up the everyday routine. So we thought that instead of bringing you to the events, we will bring the events to you. We dedicate this month to inspire you about virtual events!


Define a strong why behind the virtual events

In order to have a successful online event, there are several things you should keep in mind. In our case, keeping people connected during these hard times is the most important. We should encourage each other to stay motivated and get the best out of this situation. These virtual events can help improving ourselves and can also enhance team spirit.

Another important scope of our virtual events is mental well-being. It will be approached from different directions to make sure you find the perfect match. Yoga and meditation classes will be offered  for those who are looking for an opportunity to wind down and release stress. For the party-lovers, online company parties and cocktail workshops will be the best option. With these virtual activities, the living room will be transformed into a club quickly. What is more, health coaching, cooking workshops and virtual lunches/dinners will be offered for the foodies. Do you have a unique virtual event in mind? Share it with us and we will get the most out of it.



Virtual events

In our virtual event series, we would like to focus on well-being with different topics.



Yoga is known for releasing stress. In this uncertainty, stress has been more present in our life than ever. Hence, virtual yoga sessions will help you calm down and feel less anxious. Sabrina will guide you during our virtual yoga session. Learning about healthy lifestyle and nutrition, she will show you how to improve your mental well-being with different yoga flows. Focus on your body and breaths to get your mind off from a busy day. Enjoy the simplicity, repetition and ease of movement with Sabrina in our virtual yoga classes.



The lack of personal interaction doesn’t mean the lack of enjoyable experiences. Virtual wine tasting is a fun way to wind down after a long week of home office.

Explore unique wines with Robert who will guide you during our online wine tasting. He will share his experiences, provide interesting insights and show you new flavors. What makes this tasting so special? Robert’s passion towards wine culture and unique story will make this virtual experience unforgettable. His passion led him to  Valle de Guadalupe, an amazing Mexican wine region. He experienced each stages of wine making and learnt all the secrets behind the art of making good wine. He is excited to share all the details with you while enjoying a glass of wine.



Online Party

Who said you can’t organize a party in your living room? Thanks to virtual events you can enjoy a virtual party with live DJ from Ibiza. With more than 15 years of experience with high-end customers from all over the world,  Bas is here to spice up your daily routine. He will make sure that the music will match the occasion and your mood. Being a Music Curator, he believes that curating music is also about the atmosphere, culture and experiences. Join us and Bas to boost your mood with the perfect soundtracks!



It is the perfect occasion to learn something new with your colleagues. Use this time to participate in workshops and improve yourself. As the saying goes “Happiness is great food and great company”. Online lunches/dinners, cooking sessions and healthy recipes will keep both your mind and stomach happy. Let us know what kind of unique online workshops you would like to organize with your clients or colleagues and we will get your digital dreams delivered.




All in all, we should look at the positive sides of virtual events and appreciate that we can still create something impactful. We will explore new technologies and alternative activities together and make sure that we all remain connected. This engagement-driven experience will truly be something unique.


We got your back with virtual events.